Kelly Bramblett’s High Vibe Podcast.

Kelly Bramblett’s High Vibe Podcast.


Kelly Bramblett is passionate about spreading her message of hope to those who have lost hope and inspiring women to heal their lives by first healing their trauma. She does this through her one on one coaching, her upcoming book Alchemy of The Phoenix which will be released summer of 2020, and her High VIbe Podcast. In addition to this, she is a Reiki master that uses this healing modality alongside her one on one coaching to help her clients release trauma that has been stored in the physical and energetic body.

Mark Holton has been guided by Angels his entire life, through dark times and joyous moments alike. After the death of his father in 2008, he felt a guided calling to work in the health-care industry. And thus, his life, and the lessons that came with it, began.

Follow along in Life Lessons as Mark opens up about his childhood, his friends and family, and his experiences working in care that changed his life forever. He gained spiritual guides that he will always hold dear, guides who taught him so much of what he needed to know and who were always there with love and support whenever he called on them – and sometimes when he didn’t!

The book teaches that often, the bleakest times bring the hardest lessons to learn. But always remember that you are loved, and your Angels are with you, no matter what. Face the darkness and come out stronger on the other side – it’s time to live.

Learn more about Mark’s work here!!

Click here to purchase Life Lessons: Inspiring Stories of Faith, Family, and Friendship

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