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Interfaith Matters


Interfaith Matters is an original podcast series from The Interfaith Center of New York that explores how interfaith engagement matters to making positive social change

Welcome to a special episode of Interfaith Matters, exploring New York City Council Resolution 1257, and the importance of religious diversity education in public schools. Resolution 1257 calls on the New York City Department of Education to offer age-appropriate religious diversity curricula for all public school students, as well as professional development in this area for DOE teachers.

Our guest host today is Dr. Henry Goldschmidt, the Director of Programs at the Interfaith Center of New York. Henry talks with New York City Council Member Daniel Dromm, a lead co-sponsor of Resolution 1257, and a panel of religious diversity educators: Rev. Mark Fowler, CEO of the Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding, Dr. Pritpal Kaur, Education Director of the Sikh Coalition, and Aniqa Nawabi, Executive Director of the Muslim Community Network.

The conversation explores how religious diversity education can help create inclusive schools and communities for all New Yorkers, and address the growing problem of hate crimes against religious minorities.

Take Action to Support Religious Literacy

in New York Public Schools!

New Yorkers, click here to email your City Council Member, and encourage them to co-sponsor Resolution 1257.

Teachers, click here for classroom teaching resources, including the teachers guides discussed in the podcast — all found on the website of ICNY’s Religious Worlds of New York summer institute.

Or click here for webinars on religious diversity in the classroom, produced by the Tanenbaum Center and Teaching Tolerance.

Or click here for Sikhism lesson plans and teaching resources, from the Sikh Coalition.

Or click here to learn about workshops on Islam and Muslim life, from the Muslim Community Network.

Together We Can Create Inclusive Schools

and Communities for all New Yorkers!

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This special episode of “Interfaith Matters” is hosted by Dr. Henry Goldschmidt, and edited by Executive Producer Kevin Childress.

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