Empath Insights with Rachel K Hudson

Empath Insights with Rachel K Hudson


Rachel K Hudson is a yoga teacher, meditation teacher, and Reiki master. In her podcast, Empath Insights, she reveals all of her tips and strategies to become an empowered empath. You’ll discover how to act and show up differently around narcissists, bullies, and energy vampires without sacrificing your self-worth.

In this episode I give you simple tips on how to enjoy being an emotional empath.

Did you know that there’s an upside to being an emotional empath? In this episode, we take a look at simple ways you can enjoy your life as an empath.

In this episode I talk specifically about:

– How laughter is the upside of emotional contagion
– Creating your “Emergency Laugh List”
– Moving stuck emotions
– Using journal prompts to help you manage your thoughts
– Using your daily wins to keep things in perspective

Bonus: Click to get the Journal Prompts for Emotional Empaths

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