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Welcome to Connect Back In podcast, I am Morgan King your host and I am so passionate about sharing with you the spiritual concepts that have transformed my life. It is not always an easy path, but I know within my soul that if it’s good on the inside, it’s good on the outside. Through interviews with experts and my personal experience we will break down how to live a spiritual life in today’s society. My hope is that you find the inspiration and support you need as you explore your own journey to connect back in.

I recently hit the two year anniversary of my Dad’s passing, and as hard as it is to believe he has been gone that long already, I also took some time to recognize how much I have grown from this experience. This undesired change has been by far the most challenging thing I’ve ever gone through, but I have also expanded as a being more than I ever thought I would. Change, whether it’s within our control or not, can be really uncomfortable to go through. As humans, we tend to believe that change is the enemy, but expansion within our world and ourselves cannot happen without it. In today’s episode of Connect Back In podcast, I talk about why change is good, and share with you some reminders to allow you to see the process for what it truly is. If you’re experiencing change at the moment, take a listen to help you see a different perspective. My goal is that you hear something that will allow you to lean into the change, feel some relief, and release some of your resistance. Remember, the only thing that is constant in life is change. Learning to master this process will reap so many benefits in your life, and allow you to grow and blossom into the fullest version of you. Enjoy!

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