Level With Us

Level With Us


“Level with Us” is a podcast that is a light hearted look at Modern FreeMasonry, what goes on in a Masonic Center and other current topics that interests us. Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1woFYYn1DEVYXxVt3z_7qA

***DISCLAIMER: The views and thoughts expressed on this podcast do not represent any Lodge, Grand Lodge, or Freemasonry in general. This podcast is for entertainment purposes only.****

This episode marks the beginning of Season 2 of LvL With Us. This season, the LvL With Us group has retired the old studio equipment and adopted newer equipment and have been learning newer techniques and software to bring you an amazing show.

Episode 1: New Years Resolutions, has an assortment of guests from CinnaStix, Sexy Buddha aka Melon Head, and the man with the hair Papa Eda. The usual Masonic Misfits: Big Sexy, GunMonkey, Spike, Stitch, West-Side will recap on episode 9 of season 1, dispell the rumor of the misfit perishing in a beer accident, Spike nearly dies eating old pop rocks M&M’s. The Misfits and guests will be discussing personal and masonic resolutions and close the show out with a colorful topic.

– Segment 1: New Years Resolutions! 12:45
– Segment 2: Masonic Resolutions! 25:00
– Segment 3: What are you watching? 54:45

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