Further Light Podcast

Further Light Podcast


We are exploring Masonic Education and the fraternity at large through short, thought- provoking episodes posted weekly. There is content for everyone from the seasoned Past Master to those simply curious about the craft.

Recent Episodes

  • Episode 54: Part 1-The Joshua Glover Escape

    1 week ago
  • Episode 53: More Interpretations of the 5 Orders of Architecture

    2 weeks ago
  • Episode 52: A Biblical Approach to King Solomon's Temple by Brother Dan Gray

    3 weeks ago
  • Episode 51: A Secular Look at Solomon's Temple

    4 weeks ago
  • Episode 50: The Brazen Pillars

    1 month ago
  • Episode 49: WB Napoleon Sneed-Janczak on Past Masters

    1 month ago
  • Episode 48: Dialectical Reasoning

    2 months ago
  • Episode 47: Learning the Lectures

    2 months ago
  • Summer Shorts 10: The Seven Liberal Arts

    2 months ago
  • Summer Short 9: The Chisel by WB Pat Cholka

    3 months ago