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Do you struggle with frustration, anxiety, or self-doubt? You are not alone! Learn how you can move from surviving to thriving in faith, business, and relationship. As a certified Marriage and Family Enneagram Coach, I’m here to help you navigate the overwhelm of life through stories, Enneagram insights, and simple plans.

Today I actually have my Podcast Manager on the show, Nyla Wiebe. Being the Enneagram 3 that she is, she tends to wear a bunch of hats. So not only does she run a podcast production business but she also is an online Intuitive Eating coach. So fun, right?

It’s been a while since I’ve done a food centered podcast episode so I thought it was overdue to bring on someone to share their thoughts and expertise on how to ditch food guilt and body stress, which can be so distracting from the various celebrations we attend November to January each year.

Nyla loves helping guide Christian women down the road of food freedom, so they can uncomplicate food and feel confident in their God given bodies.


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