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Dude, I Love That


DISCOVERING THE ENNEAGRAM THROUGH THE LENS OF POP CULTURE & GIVING YOU THE LIFE COACH-APPROVED ADVICE YOU NEED. As a certified Enneagram life coach, Liv dives deep into helping you understand the 9 Enneagram types through the lens of pop culture, while also bringing on incredible guests that share their best pieces of advice for whatever season of life you find yourself in. // @heyitslivjames // https://livjamescoaching.com

DUDE, today we’re diving into anther cult-favorite TV show, SCHITT’S CREEK! We’ll be looking at family dynamics and how they play a major role in personality traits, the process of adopting some of your spouse’s personality traits after years together, how Type 2s and Type 7s tend to get mistyped and the biggest difference between the two types, and so much more!

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