Do You Know You? An Enneagram Podcast

Do You Know You? An Enneagram Podcast


A podcast by Empathy Architect co-founders and certified Enneagram experts, coaches and teachers, Sterlin Mosley and Aaron Addonizio. Sterlin and Aaron endeavor to set the record straight regarding the truth of the Enneagram (and other personality typologies) through real, honest, and at times, humorous reflection on the many facets of the human ego. It begs the question…”do you know you?” Because if you don’t, Sterlin and Aaron probably do.

Sterlin and Aaron continue their discussion of Fours, specifically Sexual Four. Sterlin shares his experience as a Four. And finally, the two give 4 top traits of Sexual Fours to look for…but you have to make it through this extended hour-and-a-half-long episode to get the cliffs notes. No cheating.

We love you all, thank you for listening!

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Hosts: Sterlin Mosley, PhD & Aaron Addonizio, MHR, MPA

Theme Song: Royalty free LoFi edited by us, at least until we’re fancy enough to have someone write us our own intro!


The primary purpose of this podcast is to educate. Any and all views and opinions expressed on the Do You Know You? Podcast are expressly our own. At times we may cover sensitive topics or areas of discussion, including subjects that are either directly or indirectly related to psychology and mental health, however it is vital to remember that nothing shared on this podcast is ever a substitute for counseling or medical care. Please seek out a qualified individual to discuss any concerns you may have about your own health. Commentary by our podcast is never intended to malign any particular individual, organization, group, club, or business. Confidentiality is of utmost importance to us, so all people, places, and scenarios mentioned in the podcast have been altered to protect the individual’s privacy.

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