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Exploring A Course in Miracles offers in-depth conversations on Course-related topics from Circle of Atonement founder Robert Perry and Executive Director Emily Bennington. To learn more about Circle of Atonement offerings for your spiritual journey, including our Complete and Annotated Edition (CE) of A Course in Miracles and our Course Companions online learning community, please visit www.circleofa.org.

The life of Jesus has moved people the world over like no other. But we have often put Jesus’ life in a frame where the main purpose was to demonstrate his divinity. What if we put it in a different frame? What if we see Jesus’ life as a concrete demonstration of the principles of A Course in Miracles? Seen that way, what would his life—with all its drama, its miraculous events, and its revolutionary elements—tell us about what it means to live the Course?

We hope you will join Robert and Emily for a discussion on what inspiration and guidance we can we gain from Jesus’ example in our own lives.

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