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EmPowered Couples Podcast | Relationships | Goal Setting | Mindset | Entrepreneurship


This podcast is all about being a POWER COUPLE! You will hear answers to the most common relationship questions we receive, as well as our own authentic challenges, lessons learned, and relationship skills (that you didn’t learn in school). This podcast is for you IF: you want to be even better communicators, handle challenges while staying on the same page, and grow together as a team! Think of it like “personal development for couples.” We are honored to be your hosts, The Freemans, authors of the first book ‘The New Power Couple’, speakers, relationship coaches, and just signed the deal for book #2!

Of course this seems like something that could never happen, but being honest, do you feel like you and your partner are just high functioning roommates? We are not talking about your actual college roommates, but at some point the experience of aliveness, passion, and being prioritized was overtaken by getting things done, having half conversations, and even disconnection.

This is happening for a lot of couples in the season however, as even mentioned by Chris Rock this week on SNL (eluding to the 34% rise in divorce rates over last year). Couples like you are finding themselves in difficult places and reevaluating the relationship.

In this episode we give you 3 things to focus on and implement so that you get out of just feeling like roommates and get back to co-creating your life together that doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s relationship, or how your relationship was in the past.

About Us:

We’re The Freemans, your go-to couple for authentic and actionable relationship advice. Send us your relationship questions for the show with a DM on Instagram. As you listen to the episode, tag us on an IG story and let us know what you loved.

Resources For Your Relationship:

– Register for The Couples Workshop- LIVE on October 10th. Last chance to register! (message us for code)
– Pre-order our newest book, The Argument Hangover, and get over $200 of free bonus gifts (like the mini course)!

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