Am I The A**hole? Podcast (AITApod)

Am I The A**hole? Podcast (AITApod)


Danny Vega, TikTok cringelord, and Sara Levine, meme queen master’s student, read listener submissions & pilfer from the similarly-named subreddit. They discuss modern questions of morality, relationships, and juice (gossip). Why? To answer one simple question: am I the a**hole? Submit at TW: Not a real one. This is just bound to be a sad ep for a lot of ya. It was for me. I’m trying not to cry again as I write this so I’ll just quote Semisonic and say “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” Argh got emotional anyway *cries in millennial*

(15:02) – AITA for getting ferrets against my roommate’s wishes?
(21:52) – AITA for cleaning out the fridge without telling my husband?
(31:28) – AITA for losing my temper at SIL after she ruined the meal I made?

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