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Art of Spousing is for marriages that what to move from being mundane to becoming masterpiece relationships. Hosts James and Lisa Duvall share truths and lessons learned from their 29 years of marriage and over a decade of teaching, coaching and speaking on marriage.

Gabe and Casey Mahia are a young couple who have only been married for two years, but they have already learned a lot about themselves and each other. One of the things that Gabe has learned about Casey is that she is a self-proclaimed enneagram six. For those of you who are not familiar with the enneagram, it is a tool of empathy that reveals core motivations. Gabe is a video producer and he manages a team of content creators at Christ Fellowship Church. Casey is a social media content creator and she manages all the social media for Christ Fellowship Church.

“I think that just helped put some language around things that I had been feeling. And I was like, that really does sound like me.”

In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. How Gabe and Casey met
2. What it was like for them to get married during the Covid pandemic
3. The dynamics of Gabe’s enneagram type 4 and Kasey’s enneagram type 6 in their marriage.
4. The challenge and power of giving and receiving feedback

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