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We’re a storytelling community navigating issues of faith, homosexuality, and masculinity. Together.

When do you feel manly? When do you feel not at all manly? Is “manliness” even something worth pursuing?

Join Tom, Ryan, and Jacob for a return to one of our “classic” episodes in which we discuss opening pickle jars, killing cockroaches, camping out, working out, owning a home, and so much more on this simultaneously shallow and deep topic of manliness. We also dive into the deep end and discuss childhood wounds from PE and exclusions from men’s events — things that affected our budding sense of masculine belonging.

Finally, we can’t help ourselves from diving into a little book that’s made the rounds in Christian men’s circles … for better or worse or maybe a little of both … Wild at Heart.

How does “manliness” differ from “masculinity,” and what examples from Scripture can we point to and lean on as we pursue healthy masculinity?


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When do you feel the most or least manly? Is manliness something you want to pursue? Tell us a story if you’d be so bold . . .


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