What Works For Us

What Works For Us


Hosted By Edmonson of the E.L.E. Code and Tarik Daniels aka Mistertelltales What Works For Us is a black queer conversational podcast show hosted by Mental Health Advocate and Black Queer Activist/Author Tarik Daniels and Fashion Blogger and Lifestyle Enthusiast Eric Edmonson. They bring their personal passions to each episode as best friends discussing all things black and queer. Each episode is an open and candid conversation about the hosts’ life experiences with a focus on mental health, lifestyle, fashion, relationships, and social injustices. “We taking back our CULTURE yall!” On this milestone 50th episode, Mistertelltales and Edmonson reflects on the journey of reaching fifty episodes of the podcast show. In addition to their weekly check ins, they have a discussion around the intersection of being black and queer based on a new viral video. Come join them in the celebration of fifty episodes. Please like, comment, and share our show wherever you listen to podcasts. Follow us on IG and Facebook at What Work For Us. Remember to register to VOTE as we get closer to November 3rd.

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