What, that Old Queen?!

What, that Old Queen?!


What that old Queen?! Queer performers Bernie Hodges, Tom Marshman and guests explore queer life quandaries at a certain age.. http://www.thatoldqueen.com/

WTOQ?! Ep 31 – The Cabinet of Queeriosities

Recorded Monday 28 Sept 2020

WTOQ?! Is back with its official start to season 3 and our 1 year anniversary episode…

Bernie & Tommy are all set to continue sharing their own brand of squiffy Queer chat as they open their cabinet of Queeriosities…

Plus this week’s special guest is the dashing David Stuart – who devised the term chemsex and the world’s first chemsex support services. He’s an activist, social support worker, harm reductionist and therapist. He shares his amazing and emotional story with the Old Queens and runs rings around them the Queens of Agony section.

Don’t miss this phenomenal start to season 3!

Check out David’s website: https://www.davidstuart.org/

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