We’re Not Together with Zack and Haley

We’re Not Together with Zack and Haley


Zack and Haley are both gay, but they are definitely not together. Every week Z & H tackle queer topics from a gay and lesbian perspective featuring guests from within the community and the occasional straight-of-the-week! DM us or email us with your own burning questions so we can answer them on the show! 😀 Hopefully educational. Hopefully funny. Definitely gay. We’re Not Together instagram.com/nottogetherpodcast Zack instagram.com/zackogre Haley instagram.com/haley_manrique Let’s talk about sex toys, baby! Haley gives us an in depth look at the sex toy industry from jade butt plugs to steam-powered vibrators and beyond! Then Zack has a little surprise in store a la an unboxing of some brand new toys courtesy of Calexotics!! We’re Not Together instagram.com/nottogetherpodcast twitter.com/NotTogetherCast nottogetherpodcast@gmail.com Zack instagram.com/zackogre twitter.com/zackogre Haley instagram.com/haley_manrique To get some Naughty Bits of your own check out https://calexotics.com/brands/naughty-bitstm.html

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