We Can’t Think Straight

We Can’t Think Straight


We’re Jules and Genesis and we can’t think straight! As two boss ass lesbians living in the NYC area, we’re comin’ out with personal stories living la vida lesbo, diving into the pool of gay culture and entertainment, and interviewing fun queer guests and allies. We’ll laugh, we’ll cry, we’ll even do a combination of both depending on our menstrual cycles. Give us a listen and follow us on Instagram @wecantthinkstraight!

And just when everyone thought the world couldn’t get any worse…Jules and Genesis are BACK. After taking a hiatus after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the girls have reunited for a SECOND SEASON of drinks, drama and Cara Delevingne’s love life.

So much has happened since their last episode in April – Jules moved, Gen stopped drinking (temporarily), new people joined the team and existing members threw temper tantrums. It all gets unpacked on this one year anniversary episode since their first recording.

The girls go through an extensive list of celebs coming out in quarantine as well as Ellen’s inability to look her staff in the eye. As for Comer’s Corner, it will remain a bit dismal after some interesting revelations about JC’s love life are brought to light. Listen here to catch up with your favorite gay degenerates and follow them on Instagram at @wecantthinkstraight!


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