Two Gays Watch Drag Race

Two Gays Watch Drag Race


They’re experts on some things…but mostly they’re gay! Join hosts, Zacary Landolt and Arron Holman, as every episode they laugh, Kiki and just generally act a fool, while discussing movies, tv shows and more! And be sure to stick around for the GAY-O-METER segment, where they determine just how GAY each thing that they watch is! This is a movie that’s been on the list to do for a very long time, and at last the moment has arrived to dive into this comedy classic. Meryl Streep. Goldie Hawn. Bruce Willis. And a lot of (killer) physical comedy. That’s right, it’s Death Becomes Her! The two gays go into all of their favorite moments, lines, and even dream cast a remake! Also find out how the movie was pretty originally supposed to end, and what other classic 90s film that Streep/Hawn almost starred in together. The gay-o-meter could barely contain this week’s content!

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