Queer Longing

Queer Longing


A podcast where we discuss and explore everything we’re longing for and living for in our Queer Community. Hosted by Olivia Taylor and Lucy Cecil.

Join us this time for thrilling convo re being alone and eating an after school tea- think baked beans and any frozen potato product. Plus, we reveal the truth about exercise- turns out it’s good.

We’ve got great book recs from the heartwarming (and breaking) ’10 Minutes 38 Seconds In This Strange World’ to the second instalment of ‘The Bi-ble: Essays and Narratives About Bisexuality’. Plus, pod recs in the form of ‘Sex, Lies and DM Slides’, a fun exploration of the social media dating landscape and a historical look at being LGBT+ in the UK from ‘The Log Books’.

We’ve watched a couple of intriguing documentaries: ‘The Work’ about intensive therapy in prison and ‘This Is Paris’ which pulls back the curtain on OG hun Paris Hilton.

Oh, and then we catch up with Jane McDonald, of course.

Tracks of the Week:

Music For Chameleons, Gary Numan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_586NoZSr-Y&ab_channel=fireballxl1920

Bend and Snap, Legally Blonde: The Musical https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h41oYYO8CGY&ab_channel=TheatreWorldUK

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