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You’re at the intersection of sexuality and reality–this is Latter Gay Stories! A podcast and resource blog featuring real people, real stories, and real talk! We discuss life inside and outside of the closet, coming out, and families, religion, dating, and best of all–living your best and most authentic self.

Miles Hunsaker and Jim White sit down with the Latter Gay Stories podcast to share their individual stories of coming out, finding inner peace and thriving as a couple.

Both Jim and Miles label themselves as “late-bloomers.” They came out later in life: both were married to women, with children. They each held high callings in the LDS Church and both worked to reconcile their religious teachings with what their heart testified to them.

In this episode, Jim and Miles take a deep dive into personal experiences, what they did to navigate the rocky waters of uncertainty, and what led them to each other.

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