I’m Grand Mam

I’m Grand Mam


Two lads, originally from Cork in Ireland and now living in London, have a cuppa and catch up each week while exploring the collective life landmarks that accompany growing up gay in the world today. Join Kevin and PJ as they navigate their way through gay London and immerse themselves in the virtues and vices of the city whilst battling with the internal shared struggle that every Irish gay man deals with when living away from home – ‘what would mam think?’ Follow us on Instagram and Twitter: @imgrandmam Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/imgrandmam

No one could have predicted this year to turn out the way it has, not even Rosemary the psychic from episode 23 knew how chaotic it was going to be. To ensure they’re well equipped to withstand any more extreme occurrences 2020 has to throw at them such as a zombie apocalypse or Mr Brightside reentering the charts, Kevin and PJ take to a tent to test their survival skills. Will PJ’s history with the scouts give him an upper hand in the wild? Will sudocreme prove to be a shrewd choice of luxury item for Kevin? Will they even last the night? It’s all v in tents girlies.

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