GerleMen – Celebrating Our Greatness

GerleMen – Celebrating Our Greatness


Fostering heart-centered connections between gay men is what this podcast is about.It’s a place for gay men, and anyone self-identified as “the other,” designed to help you: own your personal dignity, strengthen your connection to your chosen family(ies), and thrive in general society.This is an authentic, honest, and open space – not a forceful, overhyped or fanatical one.Welcome home, brother!

Dear listeners – join us next week for our Sex, Love & Relationships virtual workshop!!

We’d love to see you join the discussion and connect in real-time. xo

Hello GerleMen listeners.

She is hilarious. She is irreverent. She is devastating in her academic acumen and her theatrical talent.

And, although we may be laughing, her messages are packed with wisdom and insights many listeners will find life-affirming.

While we pause our regular episodes and prepare a spectacular Season 2 of the GerleMen Podcast, we’d like you to enjoy some short, bonus episodes, co-hosted by my dear friend and rambunctious orange Nun, Sister Unity of the Los Angeles House of theSisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

So enjoy the show my friends! We’ve packed all this awesomeness into some very short clips.

Mentioned in this episode:

Rev. Jesse Brune-Horan: (Listen to Rev. Jesse: Just F-ing Love Each Other from S1)

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Joel Benjamin. (Listen to The Union of Sex & Spirit with Yogi Joel Benjamin from S1)
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Sister Unity: Listen to the 1st Episode of the podcast with the hilarious Sister Unity.

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