Coming Out Late

Coming Out Late


Through narrative interviews, Robin Douglass shares real, raw & relatable Coming Out Late stories as well as resources meant to support, inspire and educate you on your own coming out late journey. You can stop living someone else’s life, and start living your own, and know, that you are not alone!It’s better late than never, because it’s never too late!

In this Part 2 episode of “Life After Coming Out Late”, Robin continues her conversation with late bloomer and Women Loving Women support group friend, Cheryl. Cheryl left us hanging in Part 1, as to what her life looks like now, now that she has settled-into her own place and helping her daughter get settled and adjusted as well. Having no previous experience ‘being’ with a woman, let alone ever having dated a woman, Cheryl was in no rush to get herself ‘out there’ on the dating scene. Instead, she found so much comfort and value in getting to know herself more deeply, and being available to her daughter. Through this conversation with Cheryl & Valerie, once again, Robin shows us the importance of “representation” and how vital it is for us to share our coming out late stories with one another. When others hear our stories, (especially others questioning their own sexuality), they learn that they are not alone, and that there IS hope. What a gift we can give one another, simply by sharing our stories.

In this episode of the “Coming Out Late” podcast, you will learn . . .

– Who Valerie is, and what HER ‘Coming Out Lte” story is.
– How Valerie did not necessarily see or find “representation” either, and there really wasn’t anyone around to talk about what she was feeling & experiencing.
– Once Valerie WAS around other queer people, how easy it was to slip right into the group, feel accepted, and understand herself WAY more clearly!
– About Valerie’s very brief and underwhelming experience on the dating apps, and why she chose to take a break from them.
– How Valerie & Cheryl met and what their life is like now.
– Are long distance relationships worth it?
– What are the pluses and minuses of dating someone from another country?
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