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Coming Out Late


Coming Out Late Podcast is the go-to podcast for all things coming out later in life. Which means, if you’ve ever wondered, “Am I gay?”, or, if you’ve ever laid awake in bed at night, and fantasized about being in a same sex relationship, then this podcast is for you. Whether you are in your 30’s, or even your 60’s, or anything in between, and have either “always known” you are gay but because of comphet or a strict religious upbringing, you could never do anything about it. Or maybe you are just-now “awakening”, later in life, realizing that your true calling, the true you has been wanting to explore this side of yourself that has been stuffed and buried deep below the surface of heteronormativity and internalized homophobia for years. Then this podcast is for you. Through real, raw, and vulnerable conversations, we cover all-topics related to Coming Out Late in life from the beginning to the messy-middle to being “on the other side”. We have conversations with real women who have had their “Aha!” moments when they said to themselves, “Holy Sh!T! I’m Gay!”. We get vulnerable with couples, with married women, with their children, and sometimes even with their spouses about what do we do now; how do we co-parent, should we get a divorce, can I afford to live on my own, and dealing with the immense feelings of guilt and shame for making such an enormous life-change, upsetting and shaking-up our family units. Come take a listen. Here you will find community, support, solace and hear real stories SO similar to your own. Subscribe and like your next favorite podcast, Coming Out Late Podcast.

In this episode, Robin is being interviewed by Annie McKinnon, creator and Host of “Talking All Things LGBTQ”. With a full year under her belt, since starting her own podcast and coming out to the world in the first few episodes, this is an interesting inside look at Robin’s recount of her story a year later, as well as her reflecting on the many lessons she has learned along the way. One thing she knows for sure, is that loving a woman has been a beautiful journey and “easier” for her, than loving and being involved with a man, but? It is not always easy either!

In this episode you will hear and learn about . . .

– Sleep-walking through life, then married with children for 28+ years – but the Universe was whispering a different message to me.
– Compulsory-Heteronormativity and deep social conditioning.
– Fearing the unknown; we fear what we do not understand.
– What is homophobia? Is it innate? Is it real? Is it suppressed? Learned?
– Stuffing down and numbing the feelings.
– Unconventional research to figure this sh*t out! And meeting the women who gave me absolute affirmation, confirmation and validation.
– The “Aha!” moment; and how did that feel – in the moment?
– The painful Messy Middle, dealing with my divorce and telling my children.
– That moment when I knew my life, (moving forward), was never going to be the same.
– Coming clean to my loved ones – regardless of their potential reactions.
– Through self-assessment and self-reflection, you will learn your attachment styles, love languages, and self-love.
– Learn by doing: educating ourselves with every interaction and every relationship we have, and asking yourself: are you well-aligned with this person in all aspects of being human?
– Book:, “Attachment Theory: by Joan
– Our awakening to our sexuality is our super power!
– Unlearning old values and beliefs. Is that MY belief or someone else’s ‘voice’?
– Q: “When can I put all this (difficult stuff) behind me?” A: “When you take the time to put it in front of you.”
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