Catch My Logic

Catch My Logic


JN Reign is a Lesbian Living And Navigating Life In Los Angeles. We Discuss The Trials Overcome And Ones We Continue To Battle. Subjects Range From Relationship, The Latest Trends And Gossip, To Life Lessons And Politics. We Look Forward To Giving You Our Logic And The Logic Of Some Of Our Listeners On The Show.

Whats up this show is a personal one. I go into my journey with transphobia and becoming a better ally. It is important to acknowledge some of our fears and issue so that we may process and move past them. Be gentle with me y’all I continue to grow.

The show also connect my logical dots on why the Breonna Taylor case has a conversation connection to the Meg the Stallion Case.

DYI on a nail dip because I like to save when I can

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Danitra Vance the colored musim The Colored Museum (1991) | Loretta Devine Danitra Vance EDITED #DanitraVanceDay

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