“Beyond The Stained Glass Closet” Podcast with Randy Scobey

“Beyond The Stained Glass Closet” Podcast with Randy Scobey


Since embracing my life and truth, I have worked passionately against the toxic ideology that underlies conversion therapy—especially in its “pastoral” form of exgay ministry. Ultimately, my story proves that the proverbial “stained glass closet” is no match for authentic love. We also celebrate all the joy and wonder in what it means to be an LGBTQ+ person thriving in life.


I am 48 hours away from driving down to Miami to get on a big ‘ole boat (Virgin Voyages Valiant Lady) and go for an eight-night, nine-day cruise through the Eastern Caribbean. Dan and I will be celebrating our first anniversary (we married on 10/16/21) in style and having a lot of fun.

A lot of it.

In the past, in my single days, I stayed in my home or vacationed alone because of my false belief that I would be celibate for the rest of my life. Most of the time, it was just staying home, reading, painting, and going to New Smyrna Beach, but nothing out of the ordinary or that would cost money. The three times I remember going somewhere for my alone vacations were to London and renting a house in Naples, Florida, for two weeks after the Exodus national conference two years in a row. I stayed an extra three days in London after attending a conference there. Some friends were there simultaneously, but we weren’t there “together” even though we hung out a few times.

Growing up, I never went on vacations either, so until Dan came into my life, I didn’t know how to vacation. That sounds weird, but it’s true. I knew how to travel like a pro. I have seen many cities, countries, airports, taxis, and subways… but all were centered around working for Exodus and trying to keep up with Alan Chambers to catch our flights. He can walk faster, even in designer shoes, than most mopeds.

Dan has brought an inestimable amount of fun, love, and joy into my life. It goes beyond vacations, and we have made many good memories I never thought I would have. He is my husband. I am a better, more healthy, and more grounded man because of our being husbands. It’s nice that laughing, loving, and going on grand adventures come naturally to me. It just took too long to find out!

I am so glad God has brought us together.

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Now, we will go blaze a trail through the Eastern Caribbean, and I am so excited.

On a side note: Part of vacationing correctly is not to work or worry about working! I will post on social media throughout the trip, but regular posts/podcasts here will resume on Tuesday, 11/15. So come voyage vicariously through us to see photos and updates on social media.

Much love to you. Have a wonderful day and a beautiful two weeks!

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