Bear with Us, Gurrrl!

Bear with Us, Gurrrl!


Bear with Us, Gurrrl! We talk about it ALL – everything in the LGBTQ community and beyond…from the bear perspective: hot topics, love and dating, pop culture, body issues, sassy opinions…with your hosts, JustFor.Fans fave Teddy Bear and on-air persona On this episode of Bear with Us Gurrrl, hosts Mr TeddyBear and Alexander Rodriguez tackle today’s pop culture and LGBTQ hot topics from their unique point of view. The boys talk about the Kanye West debacle – how did it get so out of hand and should his music also get canceled? And…did you know that drinking is now considered uncool? But drugs are not. Um, ok. Also up for discussion…is it ok to sleep with your trainer? What happens if your OnlyFans scene partners start getting feelings? Is there too much Drag Race on TV? What happened with Bros, should it just have gone to streaming? Should we support any gay film just because it means more representation? Should we ever limit our clothing choices or PDA around kids or straights? Did you know Mr Teddy Bear went viral this week? The duo also talks about their appearance at Key West Bear Weekend…will Teddy be hooking up? Will Alexander be wearing layers at the pool? All this and more!!!

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