Bad Queers

Bad Queers


This podcast is for people who feel like they came out of the closet and got placed in a box. It’s time to put the u-haul theory to bed, and connect over being bad queers. Join Kris and Shana from the HER App to discuss breaking stereotypes, owning your identity and their unpopular queer opinions. Bad queers will leave you both offended and inspired by the news, stories and advice about the very fluid, very real LGBTQ+ experience.

This week we had Imara Jones from Translash Media join us, and believe us when we tell you she dropped GEMS on us! So many that we couldn’t even choose a title that was worthy. We explored how cis women need to do better when it comes to the trans community, blocking our blessings and the all black lives matter movement. And that is just a sprinkle of what you will get from this weeks podcast.

Shoutouts This Week:

Shana – Meg Linehan for holding NWSL soccer reporters accountable when using incorrect pronouns

Kris – Alisa Haughton for the best and most creative IG story I’ve seen. Find Alisa here: @dreamcreateinspire_

Imara – Tourmaline trans filmaker and activist

Bad Queers is co-hosted by:
Shana Sumers: @shanahasagram
Kris Chesson: @kris.chess

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