A Piece of Pie: The Queer Film Podcast

A Piece of Pie: The Queer Film Podcast


Welcome to A Piece of Pie: the Queer Film Podcast. Creator and host Brian Rowe welcomes a rotating cast of contributors to discuss/ review movies both new and old; giving them their own unique queer perspective. Podcasts will post bi-weekly.

Quentin Tarantino and Paul Thomas Anderson are two of their generation’s most celebrated filmmakers. But, everyone starts somewhere and The Queer Film Podcast is taking a look back at two auteur’s debut films. Academy Awards and Palme d’Ors were in both men’s future, but they announced themselves to the world in the 1990’s with two movies about criminals with daddy issues. This multi-part series will compare and contrast our favorite filmmakers’ rise from Sundance darlings to respected Academy Award elders. Join us as we follow their careers over time, have they evolved as filmmakers or are they still making the same movies over and over? Will they ever learn to write a woman? We’ll find this out as Brian, Max and our contributors examine and dissect two of the best American filmmakers, side by side. In this episode, we start at the beginning, with their first films; Reservoir Dogs and Hard Eight.

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