A beginner’s guide to a forty something gay man.

A beginner’s guide to a forty something gay man.


Actor/podcaster/teacher/Wine fan The pod returns! This week I’m chatting to author, Rainbow Dad and one of the people working to launch the ‘Queer Britain Museum’, Mr David Ledain. David is a lovely gent with extremely interesting stories to tell, about life, loves and career. Now, a few books into his career, we discuss his process of writing and how the books came to be! David has recently released the book ‘Having Gay Sex – a guide to homosexual sex.’ and it’s a great read. Regardless of who you are, and what you class yourself as, it’s fun, full of insights into a wide array of gay men. All tastes are looked at with David talking to men from many varied backgrounds. Alongside being an author, David is working on the social media team behind the creation of the ‘Queer Britain Museum’. so we talk about the ideas behind its creation. David is also a Bowie fan which cannot be ignored! If you want to jump past my catch up and straight into our chat go to about the 13 minutes mark. Enjoy.

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