Tangled Up Together

Tangled Up Together


Welcome to Tangled Up Together, a podcast about us, a married couple that is very much in love and participating in the swinging lifestyle. We view swinging as not only a fun pursuit of sex with others but a community of like-minded adults and lasting friendships. We are deeply connected with each other and the swinging only enhances our bond. When we aren’t swinging, we are also avid skydivers, scuba divers, nature enthusiasts, and she is a roller derby star! We are excited to share our adventures and misdeeds with you. Come, join us, and let’s get Tangled Up Together!

Welcome back to our show and also, Welcome To Pound Town!!! Or so the sign said, as one entered the party last weekend. Join us as we recap our multi-couple party that we recently held in Niagara Falls. We also throw in several other tid-bits along the way in this episode.

Come, Join Us, & Let’s Get Tangled Up Together!

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