How To Make Love

How To Make Love


Unconventional recipes for love and liberation. In a world filled with hate, injustice, and despair, our sense of shared humanity depends on learning to MAKE radical, revolutionary, justice-centered love. Not find it, not fall into it. But intentionally create and wield it. Centering the voices of historically and culturally marginalized people, How To Make Love™ will provoke and challenge you to create your own recipe for and practice of making more love — in your life, and in the world. And ask you to include justice as a critical ingredient. New episodes monthly.

Sometimes called ‘scarcity thinking,’ laura breaks down and reframes the notion of scarcity – what is is, where it comes from, and how to heal it. Tune in for concrete suggestions, reflection questions, and tools for healing scarcity all through a lens of equity. While this episode is designed for individuals, it’s also applicaple to teams and organizations struggling with scarcity orientation.

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