Up North Journal Podcast

Up North Journal Podcast


Come join us on a weekly adventure thru the woods and waters of Michigan thru the eyes of the Up North Journal Team.

Join the guys this week as they discuss their two year journey of getting into shape and loosing weight. They talk about how this leads to being an ethical hunter.

Talking about the 2 year journey

– Accountability
– The workouts
– Set attainable realistic goals
– Lifestyle choice
– Encouraging others

How does being healthy carry into hunting ethics

– Being healthy enough to take a steady shot on game
– Being healthy enough to get close enough to take an ethical shot
– Being healthy enough to pack out all of your game
– Being healthy enough to not put yourself into a rescue situation that puts others at risk

Introducing our newest member of the UNJ team Tammy Delk!

– She will be handling our marketing and social media
– Brings a fishing and hunting background to team UNJ
– She gets to answer the four questions we ask all of our guests

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