The Element Podcast | Public Land, Hunting Tactics, Whitetail Deer, Politics, Wildlife, Travel, Conservation, and more.

The Element Podcast | Public Land, Hunting Tactics, Whitetail Deer, Politics, Wildlife, Travel, Conservation, and more.


Whitetail Addict, Former SMU Football Safety, Tyler and the Tribe Lead Singer, Fisherman, Hunter, Eater, Lover.

We have a BUCK DOWN IN SOUTH DAKOTA! In this episode, we recap the hunt, highs and lows, tactics, how we got shots, what we’d do different, how we were super patient on this hunt, and why bowhunting is TOUGH! Subscribe on YOUTUBE to see the hunt unfold!



-A ten part video series featuring Tyler Jones and K.C. Smith from The Element map scouting, putting eyes and feet on the deer country, then explaining their findings so that you can learn how to find, hunt, and arrow big bucks!

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To find out more on Texas Public Land opportunities, visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.


Go check out what The Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership is doing on the front lines for clean air, clean water, and wildlife!


Rock out with Tyler and the Tribe!

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