That’s So Texas Outdoors Podcast

That’s So Texas Outdoors Podcast


So Texas Outdoors podcast explores the unique hunting and fishing world of South Texas. Discussing a variety of topics from hunting heritage and traditions of South Texas to strategies and tactics for hunting and fishing. You will hear from a range of guests in the outdoor industry, including professional hunting/fishing guides, conservationists, biologists and officials from fish and wildlife agencies. We discuss the future of hunting and fishing. Discussions will not be limited to the Texas outdoors as you will also hear various topics about opportunities in other states that offer public land hunting/fishing. And of course we will tell some great hunting and fishing stories about the one that may or may not have gotten away. The Host, Emilio, was born and raised in South Texas and has grown up with a passion for the outdoors and simply enjoys talking about all things hunting and fishing.

In this special “not” So Texas episode, I am back in Colorado for my 2020 Archery Elk Hunt I am joined by my two cousins Noe and Andrew Escobar and we talk about our anticipation, expectations, lessons learned, ambitions, and commitment to the hunt. Join me on this pre-hunt “campfire” conversation.

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