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Interviews With The Hunting Masters/Days In The Wild – Big game Hunting podcast


John Stallone Interviews Hunting Pros to get inside hunting tips and tactics western big game hunting, bowhunting, mule deer, elk, whitetail deer and predator hunting. Formerly Interviews With The Hunting Masters

Hunting Mule Deer with Skyler Richards

Show Notes:

I’m talking with Skyler Richards today to see how he approaches mule deer. As a full-time hunting guide for Color Country Outfitters in Southern Utah, Skyler’s been full-on immersed in hunting as a profession for the last 9 years.

Sometimes hunters like to plan a hunt around a trophy, or the kind of animal they want to hunt, or even the tags they pull. Skyler’s method starts with terrain, so he shares some of the key features he looks for when he puts together a hunt.

One thing that mule deer are famous for is taking one look back right before they walk over a ridge. That habit is one that’s gotten a lot of them killed over the years, says Skyler. Most of my own bigger bucks were caught during the rut, but I prefer catching them when they’re feeding. For Skyler, he spends a lot of time scouting out animals and terrain before hunting season so that he knows exactly where to catch them on their feeding grounds.

I have a few spots left open for some guided hunts, so if you’re ready to blow off some steam and enjoy the beautiful Arizona weather, contact me through my website.

What’s Inside:

– How Skyler likes to plan his hunts, and why he doesn’t rely solely on Google Earth.
– Skyler uses his guide experience to talk about how to find bigger bucks.
– The guaranteed moment that you’ll know when you’re going to bag your deer.

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Short Description:

Every hunter plans the hunt a little differently because of their experience and expertise. As a full-time hunting guide in Southern Utah, Skyler Richards has been on a lot of hunts. Today we’re talking mule deer, including Southern Utah’s special Paunsaugunt mule deer population.


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