Dr. Dale on Quail

Dr. Dale on Quail


The Rolling Plains Quail Research Foundation (RPQRF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit focusing on one thing: understanding and managing bobwhite and scaled quail in West Texas. Everything we do centers around quail and quail hunting, as reflected by our mission: “To preserve Texas’ heritage of wild quail hunting for this, and future, generations.” The Foundation and its Research Ranch were established to provide a living laboratory to devise land management strategies for the benefit of quail and also as an exemplar property to demonstrate the best methodologies and techniques to other “students of quail.” With dove season underway, quail hunters are looking ahead on the calendar and wondering: what kind of quail season can we look forward to come November? This month’s episode of our Dr. Dale on Quail podcast answers this question. Join Dr. Dale and Gary Joiner as they discuss Dale’s “quail trap line” of reports from landowners and managers across Texas. Dale also covers our quail hunting forecast and outlook.

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