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With a passion for storytelling, Mill House is more than a fishing podcast. Comprised of in-depth conversations with innovators, legends, and pioneers of the outdoors, we expose untold and compelling stories from industry leaders.

Neal Beidleman is no ordinary man. Raised in Aspen, CO his heart had a big outdoor spirit. Pain became a close companion as he started chasing high mountain summits and running 100 mile races.

His job is even abnormal – as an aerospace engineer he designs deployable antenna structures for NASA and holds over a dozen patents on designs and devises he has worked on over the years. This guy is what you call – brilliant.

While working as a guide for Scott Fischer’s 1996 Everest expedition which ended in tragedy, Neal was credited a large role in assisting clients off the mountain to safety. After summiting, a large rouge storm encased the top of Everest with plummeting temperatures, high winds, and zero visibility. The harrowing night had them exposed to the brunt of the storm without shelter at 26,000 feet. Eight people perished…

Years later in 2011 and 2018 he successfully summited again, healing the deep wounds of the 96′ tragedy.

Today he still lives life to its fullest with more big mountain ascents in his near future.

His photography has documented his stories which have appeared in National Geographic, TIME, Newsweek, Men’s Journal, and the cover of Life Magazine.

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