Casting Across Fly Fishing

Casting Across Fly Fishing


The Casting Across Fly Fishing Podcast explores the quarry and the culture of fly fishing. Each episode, I’ll discuss some aspect of fly fishing – the people, places, and things that go into the pursuit of fish.

Where can you go to get some fly fishing history, beautiful scenery, fun for the whole family… and a few trout?

Nestled in the bottom left corner of Vermont sits the little town of Manchester. Orvis is there. The American Museum of Fly Fishing is there. They’re there because the Battenkill River is there.

While the area isn’t going to offer the kind of fly fishing that is going to blow you away, the total package is absolutely worth it. If you find yourself wanting to spend a long weekend in the region, you’ll not be disappointed.

Hear more about Manchester, and why you should fish there, in this week’s podcast.

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