Casting Across Fly Fishing

Casting Across Fly Fishing


The Casting Across Fly Fishing Podcast explores the quarry and the culture of fly fishing. Each episode, I’ll discuss some aspect of fly fishing – the people, places, and things that go into the pursuit of fish.

Fly fishing for trout with a mouse fly is a really exciting way to revisit your favorite water. It also may very well yield some of the biggest fish… fish you didn’t even know swam in your well-known holes.

Using mice is also a pretty straightforward and easy way to fish. Cast, retrieve, repeat. Hear a big splash, wait, set the hook.

Still, there are a few things worth knowing before you give mousing a shot this season. I talk through three simple things that will help orient or reorient you for chasing big, hungry, carnivorous trout.

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