The Pro Organizer Studio Podcast

The Pro Organizer Studio Podcast


Pro Organizer Studio is a business and design resource for professional organizers. We are here to help you launch & grow the professional organizing business of your dreams! Founder Jen Obermeier has been coaching, supporting & inspiring savvy businesswomen in the home organizing industry since 2016. Melissa Klug, founder of home organization business Home By Eleven joined Pro Organizer Studio in 2020 to help even more women grow in the industry.

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Julie Aderhold is a great example of an organizer who found a niche that was super close to her heart and uses that to help people who are dealing with an unexpected health diagnosis–but even if you don’t have a similar niche for your business, Julie still has lots of great advice for you for your business.

I met Julie through our Organizing Essentials program, and I have loved getting to know her on our monthly Zooms where we talk about client situations and how to handle them. I know you’ll love getting to know her too!


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