The No Bullsh*t Podcast For Contractors

The No Bullsh*t Podcast For Contractors


It’s all about showing contractors for the last decade how to get the strategies and tools needed to get back time, control, and money.

If you’re not getting the kind of people you want to work with, it might be time to look at your hiring practices.

Business owners who do any of these want to overhaul their management approach as well:

😵 You don’t have any kind of training or orientation program in place.

😵 You don’t do any kind of reviews or feedback sessions with your employees.

😵 You don’t have regular meetings where you talk about how things are going and what’s working, and what isn’t working.

You don’t want to LOSE good people because they leave for greener pastures.

You want them to STAY with you because they love working for you and your company.

We have Hayes Nulman of Hayes Nulman Design on this week’s podcast to explain why hiring the right people is so important. In addition, he stressed the importance of outsourcing virtually and went on how it helped him gain back a lot of time.


2:00 Hayes Nulman and his background

3:54 How many hours does Hayes work now?

5:03 What are the things that allowed Hayes from working 82 to 42 hours?

6:36 Why are meetings so critical?

10:12 Local hire wasn’t good so Hayes outsourced virtual staffs in the Philippines

11:20 There are ways to safeguard yourself when working with someone overseas

15:32 Hiring externally than locally costs way less

17:01 The easier things to start off with outsourcing

18:25 Explaining what job costing is

19:56 What Hayes learned about hiring and mindset

26:30 The overall cost Hayes spent in ads

27:43 The biggest problem of contractors

29:29 Hayes’ involvement in the hiring process

31:44 Hiring 30% experience and 70% attitude

35:38 Hayes’ realistic expectation for hiring to ramp up

37:35 What Hayes’ company do to retain employees

38:54 The common denominator why you keep losing people

39:54 You’ll not to scale to a multimillion dollar business if you don’t delegate

42:50 It’s impossible to do everything yourself

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