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Join Interior Designers Alicja and Dee for your weekly dose of intentionality and wellness. Whether it’s a health kick, home renovation, or even just some hints and tips on creating the perfect ambiance and atmosphere, you’ll find it here. You’ll get the inspiration, motivation, and bright ideas you need to combine your love of interior design with intentional living in a truly holistic way. Reimagine what’s possible by reshaping your space in your own unique way by finding new ways to connect with your environment. Now get a cup of your favorite tea, listen in and enjoy! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/teaoverinteriors/support

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Welcome back to Tea Over Interiors.

Today we continue our discussion on how to make your house a home!

Alicja talked to 15 people this week and shares her discoveries.

Key Takeaways:

1. How smell and sound affect how you feel at home

2. How clear open space affects your feeling of home

3. How rituals and routines make us feel at home.

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