Resilient by Design with Rebecca Hay

Resilient by Design with Rebecca Hay


I’m Rebecca Hay and I have built a successful interior design business by trial and error, podcasts, online courses and books. Over the last decade I have grown from an insecure student to having career false starts and now I’ve finally landed where I want to be. Throughout my journey I’ve become deeply passionate about business and helping other entrepreneurs and career minded women. Each week I’ll share tangible takeaways from my own experience and the experiences of other badass women to help you build your confidence and change your business.

In this episode I had the opportunity with the fantastic PR Manager turned marketing and growth strategist AND phenomenal businesswoman, Natasha Ho! She helps creative entrepreneurs cut back on their working hours in half while doubling their income – because we all deserve a little break and to have our businesses work FOR us.

In this episode, we talk about mindset and skillset and how you want both to hone in on what you’re going to do so that you can do it with joy, and passion, and make more money!

About Natasha

Natasha Ho is a woman on a mission to help entrepreneurs rapidly grow their businesses to six figures and beyond without grinding longer, working harder, or doing all of the things. She helps entrepreneurs tap into playfulness to elevate what they sell and how they sell it, so they can create massive visibility, and consistent sales, and have a whole lot more fun.

Natasha wanted to crack the code on how to grow with more speed, simplicity, and joy for herself. So she studied and experimented with every marketing and sales strategy she could find.

What she discovered is the key to rapid sales growth: you have to take the uncomfortable leap before you think you’re ready. Sell first. That’s how she created Sell Out Offers. She’s used this method to sell out cooking lessons, retreats, consulting services, and grow her business to six figures in the first year while working 20 hours a week.

Through the episode we chat about her journey and how she’s been able to bring forth all of the things she loves doing, like cooking, traveling, and hosting retreats, with her desire to help other entrepreneurs scale back their time commitment but still grow a business and an income! This episode is for you if you are tired of the constant hustle and want to take back some time for you to do the things you love without sacrificing the success of your business.

> A Mantra to live by: Be bold play first and live free
> The way I approach everything in my life and in my business, I move toward things I desire with boldness. I always remember that play is most important. So play and have fun first. And live life with freedom and joy!
> Natasha Ho

You can find and connect with Natasha on Instagram at @heynatashaboo, join her Facebook group, or visit her website where you can also find her unique freebie that will help you convert those DMs on social into real conversations with potential clients.

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