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Whether you own a business or whether you service, repair, build, design, or market pools, we want to build a podcast tailored to fit our needs. We will be interviewing business owners, pool service and repair companies, builders, manufactures, marketing and social media experts, as well as many others that can help progress, inspire and entertain us all.

Episode Summary:

Today, we sit down with Brandon Stephenson, Co-Founder and Program Director at DIY Pools and Spas, a family-run company founded over four decades ago by Brandon’s father Mike Stephenson.

DIY was created to give families a better and more affordable alternative to hiring a pool company. They offer 3D design, plans, step-by-step coaching, and all the resources you need for “Do It Yourself” pool construction.

Brandon has studied online business development with a focus in the E-Learning industry. His experience in course development, alongside his marketing expertise, have been instrumental in creating the DIY Homeowner Builder Program.

Listen in as Brandon shares how DIY has revolutionized the pool industry, both for homeowners and subcontractors, through the company’s ability to set appointments remotely. He explains how potential clients should prepare to work with DIY, including the benefits of having a plot map or site survey ready to present, and setting realistic expectations when settling on a preliminary yard design.

Finally, Brandon gives his marketing and project management tips to take your business to the next level, whether you are a pool salesman or a subcontractor.

Here’s a Glimpse of What You’ll Learn:

– 02:04 – The story behind DIY Pools and Spas
– 05:04 – What clients can expect from working with DIY
– 12:00 – What DIY does not do
– 14:17 – How DIY designs and consults remotely
– 19:28 – How subcontractors can work with DIY pools
– 20:27 – DIY’s community and how they filter subcontractors
– 22:25 – Why DIY partnered with Hayward
– 25:03 – Pool professional success stories working with DIY
– 27:16 – DIY’s white-labeling services and 3D video walkthroughs
– 32:54 – How to best prepare to work with DIY
– 37:27 – How DIY builds project management boards for owner
– 42:05 – Biggest challenges homeowners and professionals face
– 44:17 – Becoming a better pool salesman or subcontractor
– 48:08 – The power of before-and-after photos


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Key Quotes from Episode:

– People who are doing owner builders are probably the worst customers for a pool company.
– While we do want to help people get their dream yard, we also have to regulate their dreams and bring them down to Earth.
– The biggest thing I teach as a pool salesman is making sure that the customer is heard and that they do most of the talking.

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