Pleasant People

Pleasant People


Pleasant People is the Podcast hosted by me, Molly Coath. I am a freelance Interior Designer and all round creative human with a love for fellow creative human beings, entrepreneurs, designers, artists, movers, groovers and shakers. On this podcast I get to know the people behind the brand, get to know them on a human level, find out about how they build their business, any bumps in the road etc. It’s a friendly open chat with lovely wind swept and interestings…so come join the Pleasant People tribe 🙂 We start with the magical Divine Savages, a delightful duo with daring design ideas who started a extraordinary wallpaper company.

Meet Steve! He has been with the beautiful, botanical and bold House of Hackney since the dawn of time and he tells us all about the how the business has grown, how it was born, their inspirations and get to know the fabulous Steve too!

Plus…we were interrupted by a big bang by their house ghost who also lives in St Michaels Church…plus a large crowd / audience of people who DEFINETLY came to watch the interview live! (it’s only a short interruption guys…it passes quickly I promise! – This is the TRUE unedited behind the scenes!)

Anyway…in summary get to know the people behind the amazing, international House Of Hackney, minimalism, Interior Advise and everything in between!

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