Live Your own Way

Live Your own Way


Lucy Gleeson chats with creative industry experts and the people behind the brands about everything interior design, her guests’ inspirations and their own homes. As an interior designer herself, with a vast background in TV and Theatre Lucy loves to discover what makes her guests tick and what started them on their own career journey. Each episode covers a different aspect of design with some amazing insight and advice.

An interesting and inspiring chat with multi award winning Melanie Lissack Interiors, a fellow home design blogger who is renowned for her unique DIY and hacks. Melanie is also a brilliant stylist and writer.

We discuss why she started her social media career after working in the music industry and the future of blogging. Is it still as important to curate posts and why?

I ask about her beautiful Georgian home, regularly featured in magazines and what will she be working on there next. Plus we talk about her love of creating flower scapes and why she loves getting up at 4 in the morning sometimes to start her days.

Copyright: Lucy Gleeson Interiors

Artwork: Karina Mansfield

Music: Andy Henderson

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