Grow, cook, eat, arrange with Sarah Raven & Arthur Parkinson

Grow, cook, eat, arrange with Sarah Raven & Arthur Parkinson


Welcome to “Grow, cook, eat, arrange” the brand new podcast by gardeners Sarah Raven and Arthur Parkinson, who’ve worked together for nearly ten years at the beautiful Perch Hill Farm in the South of England. Sarah loves gardening in general but growing produce both food and flowers is the part she loves the most. She also loves to cook straight forward garden-picked food every day with the minimal amount of ingredients and palava but the greatest amount of taste! Arthur is Sarah’s florist who picks beautiful arrangements for photoshoots and open days at the farm, from buckets of scented sweet peas to huge armfulls of dahlias and towering gladiolus.We’ll be releasing a new episode every Friday, featuring a relaxed informative chat between Sarah & Arthur across a variety of topics. They’ll focus on their favourite flowers currently growing in the garden and the tastiest produce on the veg slope at Perch Hill. They’ll talk about how to sow or grow them as well as how to harvest or arrange them, adding their favourite tips or methods along the way. As well as chatting about gardening and growing, Sarah will give you some of her favourite recipes full of food you can produce. So whatever gardening you’re into, whatever size your garden is, or whatever level of experience you have, there’ll be something for everybody. You can find out more about the products used in the episodes and get in touch via our website. Enjoy the show! Website:

Since we’ve had such a hot, drought-ridden summer, the value of a pond is greater now than ever – perhaps even more valuable for plants and wildlife than a wildflower meadow.

Between the lovely beaches from which insects and mammals can safely drink, the rich colour of moisture-loving plants, and the universal charm of Water Lilies, there are so many reasons to create a lovely water feature in your garden.

In this episode, discover:

– How valuable a pond can be to insects and mammals alike
– Tips for nurturing happy water lilies and how to keep algae at bay
– Gorgeous Water Lilies like Perry’s Magnificent Pink, and water-loving plants for pond edges like Iris Black Gamecock
– Sarah & Arthur’s love of Chatsworth’s delightful self-seeded Water Forget-Me-Nots and Candelabra Primulas

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