Flower Power Garden Hour

Flower Power Garden Hour


Musings with people in the world of gardening, botany, horticulture and nature. Marlene takes her years of gardening experience, success and failures and turns it into an unpretentious, humorous listen. From organic vegetable gardening, houseplants, bee keeping, flowers, and everything in between — this podcast covers it.

Fall is THE time to prep for a wonderful spring/summer garden. I talk to Andrew Bunting — Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s Vice President of Horticulture — all about planting bulbs, soil prep, what to plant, what to watch out for and how to create habitats for beneficial insects, bees and birds.

Andrew and resources from the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society can be found at:

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– Instagram: @phsgardening
– YouTube: @PHSgardening
– LinkedIn: Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

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