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Floor Academy’s mission is to get the heart and soul of the industry, the installers, to stop playing contractor and to become better business owners. With each episode we explore different parts of operating a business so that yours can become more efficient and effective. The lessons learned come from your peers, competing to succeed in a variety of different markets so you can integrate them into your own.

Do you have a solid training plan for new hires? Do you have training that your office staff receives? Many contractors are lacking in this part of their business and just look for a body to fill a position when they need it filled and worry about the rest later.

Laura Fisher is co-owner of Fisher Global Developments which encompasses a few brands offering business suites, storage units, a podcast studio, and private jet acquisitions. Laura has been able to build a team around here that can run solidly, through her focus on training and operations management. Nothing is left up to chance. Listen in to find out how you can have less fires to put out through having better organization.

Check Laura out on her podcast.

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