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‘Being Home With Hunker’ is a podcast for people who crave transformation and inspiration within their homes. Each week, host and producer Laurie Gunning Grossman (Editorial Director at talks with interior designers, artists, DIYers, and industry insiders around the concept of home. Topics include home design tips, home decorating tips, renovation ideas, feng shui, home organizing, and how to create spaces that reflect and support our identities.

If you love home design and decor, if you’re curious about how people live, or if you’ve been transitioning or transforming your own home, you’ll love these helpful conversations.

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On the Being Home With Hunker podcast host Laurie Gunning Grossman (@laurie.gunning.grossman) talks with Hawaiian light seer Kimo Kepano.

On Kimo’s Instagram and TikTok accounts, Kimo has been commenting on videos that feature paranormal activity — people seeing ghosts, knives flying through kitchens, hair being pulled when no one is in the room… you name it. He does these blind reactions where he watches videos that people send to him and then tunes into whether it’s truth or fiction. And you guys, some of these videos really are true. (Like the knife being thrown across the kitchen by spirit energy!)

As a light seer, Kimo can see what a lie looks like. This is how he knows if these ghosts videos are real or fake. He says that lies literally look like something — the colors are different, they have a different vibration — and so does truth. So Kimo can see it, hear it, and feel it. How cool is that?!

Kimo explains more in this conversation and shares some real spooky stories (as well as a sweet spirit story), so you’ll want to listen all the way through!


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